How to receive post/get request in codeigniter

Im using

$this->input->post('name') ; to get a request posted to my url.Instead of post I need to access get as well.

Like in normal php its ,$_REQUEST is used.But what about in codeigniter standards,how is it possible?


It's outlined in the docs here:

To grab data from the get you can use

$this->input->get('some_data', TRUE);

That looks for some_data in the query string, and will run is through XSS filtering to clean it from possible hack attempts

There's also a handy method to check both at the same time:

$this->input->get_post('some_data', TRUE);

"This function will search through both the post and get streams for data, looking first in post, and then in get"

Try this:

You will get all methods to fetch data.

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