How do I read a blob chunk by chunk in ruby rugged?

I'd like to be able to stream data through sinatra by reading data in chunks from a blob from Rugged. But it doesn't seem like blob supports a read(), and content() doesn't have an offset.


According to this thread on Rugged:

There is no way to read blobs from an offset, unless you load the entire blob into memory first. This is because the default git backend's object database is filesystem-based, and it consists of deltas and compressions to save on space. And hence, you can't stream blob data, unless you load it all into memory first

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Safe update interval for startDeviceMotionUpdatesToQueue:withHandler:?

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EDIT: added a global and now it's working. But I still have my doubts.. Please read on :)

How do I get my text centered below the image, not adjacent to it?

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In the HTML markup below, what do I need to do in order to get the text, "What is this?" to be positioned BELOW the image? Initially, I placed the text in <p> tags but, although the text was