Inserting DBNull value to a DataTable column before bulk copy

I have a data table that I use for Bulk Copying into a SQL server Database: I define its columns as follows:

dt.Columns.Add("BaseID", typeof(Int32));
dt.Columns.Add("ContractID", typeof(DateTime));

Now the PeakType column could actually be a string or it could be null. So when I add rows to my data table I do this.

DataRow row = dt.NewRow();
row["BaseID"] = baseID;
row["ContractDate"] = contractDate;
row["TermID"] = termID;
row["Price"] = price;
row["PeakType"] = peakType; //How would I assign If I want to assign DBNull?

How do I specify DBNull.Value if peakType is null so that my bulk copy would correctly insert a null in the column in the SQL server table


Use the null coalescing operator.

row["PeakType"] = peakType ?? DBNull.Value;

If peakType is null, it will use the correct DB null value.

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