Using facebook graph api how to get news feed with large picture size if the feed type is photo?

Using facebook graph api get News feed:

The picture field it returns is all in smallest size, like picture": "

Is there any parameter that I can use to retrieve larger thumbnails? Any way to do this?


You can add custom field list for returning object.


will return full size image.

I have found that swapping the characters at the end of the file URL to _n, _b or _o no longer work.

Facebook has released graph API 2.0 which can be used to solve this problem.

Here is the solution:

1. Get the object_id from the post you want the image from

In every Post object there maybe an object_id field. This field only appears if the post has a picture of video (i.e. type = 'photo' or 'video')

2. Make a GET request to{object_id}?access_token={token}

e.g. if object_id = 123 and your access token = abc then the URL to call becomes

This API call gets more information about the given object_id. Since the object_id in this case represents a photo, the response will contain the various versions of the photo.

The response this request can be found here:

3. Take the largest dimensioned image from the images field

The response from the API call has a field names images. This contains small to large sizes of the image. Just take the largest one.

Along with picture field, there is an object_id field. Put this id in below url:{object_id}/picture

This will return actual size image. Or you can write this for different image sizes.{object_id}/picture?type=normal

Where type can be : thumbnail, normal, album.

I'm currently searching for the same thing. I know you can swap _s for _n at the end and get a larger size... but I haven't figured out how to have the api return the larger size on its own.

you can make a extra request with the [object_id] of the post entry

$res = $facebook->api('/yourid', 'GET', $params);

Even swapping _s for _l or _b might result in a larger thumbnail. But at times it results in invalid request or a blank image rather a white dot on a dark background. Ideally the api should specify crop, thumb, normal, and large (like on twitter network)with every picture object on network.

it returns the smallest size i.e., 130x130. to get the bigger size try replacing that with





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