Edit titles of `NSOutlineView` inline

I have an NSOutlineView and want to be able to edit the title of the entries in that list.

The list seems to support this by default but then the error is thrown as soon as I hit enter:

Exception detected while handling key input.
-[NSProxy doesNotRecognizeSelector:controlTextDidEndEditing:] called!

I tried to implement this method in my delegate but it did not get called.

I am having this problem with a PXSourceList but I think it is a general NSOutlineView issue.


This was a bug in PXSourceList and is now fixed in version 2.0.3:


The fact that an NSProxy is responding to your delegate call tells you that your own delegate is not connected to the outline view's delegate.

Check your delegate is connected to the outline view and look at the following documentation regarding delegates.


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