Postgres: Update table joined with materialized view? Error: view cannot lock rows in materialized view

In Postgres 9.3.3, I have a materialized view that does some heavy/intensive calculations. I want to use that materialized view joined to the original table to determine what value to change it's status. How do I do this using an update join in Postgres?

UPDATE account
  SET status = 3
FROM account a
  JOIN mv_account mv ON =
WHERE mv.very_long_calc = true

ERROR: cannot lock rows in materialized view "mv_account"
SQL state: 42809


Probably related to this bug:

And probably fixed in 9.3.4:

Allow materialized views to be referenced in UPDATE and DELETE commands (Michael Paquier)

Previously such queries failed with a complaint about not being able to lock rows in the materialized view.

There is no reason for a self join. Just do:

update account a
set status = 3
from mv_account mv
where = and mv.very_long_calc

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