Lotus Notes Rich Text Field Elements including document links

I got a problem regarding a computed subform:

I want to read out everything that is below Ganzer Verlauf. This includes the date, Name (blacked out in this case) and the link to the attachment.

The subform looks like this:

contacthistory is the field name that I want to read out.

The name of the main form is In_Bewerbung, the name of the subform is Meta_Contacthistory.

I am creating a view that ultimately exports this as XML. My selection in the view is:

SELECT (Form = "In_Bewerbung") & !@IsAvailable(DOCDELETED)& !@IsAvailable(DOCARCHIVED)

Here is a code snippet of a Lotus Script function that uses contacthistory:

Currently, I am unable to get anything. Where do I need to start and what steps do I need to follow in order to make it work?

Thank you in advance.


Contacthistory is a rich text field. You can't show the contents of a rich text field in a view.

Create a new computed field on the form and use the @Abstract formula to pull out the text of the contacthistory item.

@Abstract([TextOnly]; 64000; ""; ContactHistory);

Then use this new computed field in your view. Note that you won't be able to show doc links in your view unfortunately.


In "View Selection" property of your view, put SELECT (Form = "In_Bewerbung") Afterwards, add contacthistory to Column Value of the column that is displayed in your view. This will display the information stored in contacthistory field, in your view. After this you can work on your XML export.

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