Which regular expression engine (flavor) does "Some Package" use?

Unfortunately, the regex section of many manuals starts with a tutorial, and often leaves this question unanswered. If the answer for the package that brought you to this page is not below, please add it, in a direct and short format, with links if applicable.


PHP Regex flavors

1.) PCRE (Perl Compatible Regular Expressions)
    preg* functions
    PHP: PCRE - Manual, PCRE man pages, perlre

2.) POSIX ERE (Extended Regular Expressions)
    ereg* functions -> DEPRECATED
    PHP: ereg - Manual, man pages

3.) POSIX ERE with multibyte support
    mb_ereg* functions
    PHP: mb_ereg - Manual

Feel free to add further information.

Kate, and thus Kile, use the QRegExp class, which is PCRE-like, but not quite PCRE.

Nginx uses PCRE. For more information, see here.

Jedit uses java.util.regex from 4.3, and gnu.regexp before that.

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