is it possible to remove the default points of interest from Android google map

I am developing an android application that would show Points of interest google map, i have my own sources so I am trying to remove the default points of interest(like malls,bus stops,...) that the google map show. i have searched the documentation for a solution and was unsuccessful is there a way to do it on android?

check out the blue bus stops that google provide


You can hide them now!

New google maps update supports it:

Here's how you can implement it:

public void onMapReady(GoogleMap googleMap) {
    mMap = googleMap;

    try {
        boolean success = mMap.setMapStyle(MapStyleOptions.loadRawResourceStyle(getContext(), R.raw.map_style));
        if (!success) {
            Log.e("MapsActivityRaw", "Style parsing failed.");
    } catch (Resources.NotFoundException e) {
        Log.e("MapsActivityRaw", "Can't find style.", e);

In raw directory you have to create a json file with map style you want to use.

You don't have to write this yourself, you can use editor, which google created:

I don't know which version introduced this feature, but it works at least for 9.6.1.

It is not possible to disable them as of Google Maps Android API v2 version 4.3, but this has already been requested on gmaps-api-issues (#4841).

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