How to get a QTableView to fill 100% of the width?

Here's a print screen of my software:

As you can see, the first QTableVIew headers do not take 100% of the width. In fact, there is a small vertical white space on the right of the field size.

How can I get the headers to take 100% of the width of the QTableView?


If you are using Qt 5, QHeaderView::setResizeMode() is no longer available. Instead, you can use QHeaderView::setSectionResizeMode(). Just call it for every column:

for (int c = 0; c < ui->tableView->horizontalHeader()->count(); ++c)
        c, QHeaderView::Stretch);

Use view->horizontalHeader()->setStretchLastSection(true) to make the last column expand to free space.

Additionally, use view->horizontalHeader()->setResizeMode(QHeaderView::Stretch) to give columns the same width.

Here works using only with:


I'm using Qt 5.2!

I had a hard time distributing column widths among all cells of a table. In my case, in headerData function of the model, I did the following (requires calling resizeColumnsToContents() somewhere):

QVariant headerData(int section, Qt::Orientation orientation, int role) const override {
  if (orientation == Qt::Vertical) {
    return QVariant();
  if (role == Qt::SizeHintRole) {
    auto* p = qobject_cast<QTableView*>(QObject::parent());
    if (p == nullptr) return QVariant();
    // Parent total width.
    const int w = p->viewport()->size().width() -
    QSize qs;
    // Default height.
    // Width per column.
    switch (section) {
      case 0:
        qs.setWidth(w * 0.45);
        return QVariant(qs);
      case 1:
        qs.setWidth(w * 0.45);
        return QVariant(qs);
      // ... others
      default: ;
    return QVariant();
  if (role == Qt::DisplayRole) {
    // header titles.

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