Finding text using ReSharper

Resharper is a great tool, the only thing I seem to be missing is an easy text search option. Searching online I have come across a few options (pattern search,key word search) , none of my found options were simple/quick searches.

I am looking something similar to "go to everything" [Ctrl+t or Ctrl+n]

only for text, as the above wont show parts of text.

example use case to clarify need - while coding I remember locations in code based on parts of string in code, for example I want to search for string "sanity check" I would like a list like the one above giving me the best results, making closer matches higher in the list.

thank you.


Try the Go to Word Resharper Extension which allows you to use CTRL+T to search for text (only works in v8.X).

If you are using Resharper 2016.2 or later, this feature has been added to the core product. It works just as good as the original plugin.

Adding as an answer too to help people in future:

Why not just use the built in Visual Studio one? Ctrl+Shift+F and then type in sanity check and it will list all places in the Solution that contains that?

For some reason the default command Ctrl + T, as stated in the Piers Myers' answer, doesn't work on my computer. Though if I go to ReSharper → Navigate → Go to Text...

it indeed brings the "Find text" dialog.

I am using ReSharper Ultimate 2016.3 with Visual Studio 14.0.25431.1

I also tried to set a shortcut for this menu option via Tools → Options → Environment → Keyboard.

I tried to set Ctrl + T shortcut as well as Ctrl + Shift + T for command "ReSharper.ReSharper_GotoText" but it didn't want to work (use new shortcut in: Global).

If someone will figure out how to make shortcut work please share how you did it.

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