DocuSign Connect Service

I have been using DocuSign Connect feature to get the recipient and envelope status updates. I have developed an .aspx application to work as a listener which accepts XML transactions sent from DocuSign Connect service. Within my application, I parse the XML and update the statuses of recipients as well as envelopes.

At times, when we get too many updates from Connect service, my application is unable to process the XML and errors out. This happens specially when I get an update for the same envelope for the recipient within a fraction of second. At times, the recipient is the same as sender so I get two notifications if an envelope gets created. My application can only process one XML and fails to process another one as it receives another one right after. Is there anything specific that I should be doing in my aspx application?

I was also reading the Connect guide and found out that I can also create SOAP interface that uses SOAP API to get Connect updates. How this is different than the listener application that I have created? Are there any advantages of using one over the other? If I use this, will it solve my problem?

Besides Connect, I also create envelopes using event notifications and found the same issue with it.

Please advise,



the most common cause we see is that listeners do their post processing before sending the success response and there is a time out. You should respond with success that you got the message and do your processing in a separate thread.

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