How to install VNC on ARCH Linux arm LAMP server (PogoPlug)?

I saw a PogoPlug in the store and thought, "I could probably make a tiny server out of that!" I am coding a website for a friend and having a simple little server to test my PHP would be awesome and wouldn't require me to run something like XAMPP on my local machine. So, I bought the machine and used the tutorial found on lifehacker. My PogoPlug LAMP server is working perfectly but now I'm having a usability issue. I can SSH into the server to pass files from Windows 7 to the Linux Server but I have to edit the file, save, SSH the files to the server, and then test. I'd much prefer to alter the files directly on the server, save, and then test--cutting out the SSH aspect. I found that there may be a way in which that can be done with VNC but I have not idea what that is or how to set it up or even if it would work on this setup. This is my question:

What is VNC exactly? Will it allow me to use Windows Explorer to access the files on the server? How can I set it up? AND do you know if it will work on the PogoPlug LAMP?

I know these are multiple questions but the setup aspect is really what I'm after.


You are thinking SSH is a file transfer protocol. Although you can do that with SSH, there is much more to it. You can open up a terminal using SSH, directly on the server. In Windows, you can use Putty or Cygwin. Once logged onto the server, you can use a pre-installed terminal based editor or you can install one. For example, vi is a great but not very intuitive editor that folks use. Once the files are edited, you will not need to transfer them to the server.

Check out for more information:

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