Validate when all parts have made ​​the whole picture

I have 16 parts that make up whole picture shuffled on doc ready and now i must validate with an alert when whole picture is discovered.Also parts of picture shouldnt be available to switch again. I have tryed this code:


$(function() {
            update: function() {
                var CorrectAnswers = ["bucata0", "bucata1", "bucata2", "bucata3", "bucata4", "bucata5", "bucata6", "bucata7", "bucata8", "bucata9", "bucata10", "bucata11", "bucata12", "bucata13", "bucata14", "bucata15"];
                var UserAnswers = [];
                $('#puzzle img').each(function(){
                    var imageId = $(this).attr("id");
                    UserAnswers += imageId.replace("recordArr_", "")+",";
                    UserAnswers = UserAnswers.substr(0,(UserAnswers.length) -1);
                if(UserAnswers == CorrectAnswers){
                    alert("You  Won");


It turns out that UserAnswers is no array (any more), while CorrectAnswers is. By simply joining the values of CorrectAnswers, the code will work

if(UserAnswers== CorrectAnswers.join(',')){
    alert("You  Won");

Or you rewrite CorrectAnswers to a comma separated string.

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