No such property: sonatypeUserName for class: org.gradle.api.publication.maven.internal.ant.DefaultGroovyMavenDeployer

I'm trying to use this blibioteca android-maps-extensions because I need to fix more than 1000 markers on my map .

Added the project dependencies in my project :

compile project (':android-maps-extensions')

But when I update build.gradle get the following error :

No such property : for class sonatypeUserName : org.gradle.api.publication.maven.internal.ant.DefaultGroovyMavenDeployer

The username and password appear to be incorrect or something , this code is part of the project I'm build.gradle matter how library:


pom.project {
    name 'Android Maps Extensions'
    description 'Library extending capabilities of Google Maps Android API v2'
    inceptionYear '2013'
    url ''
    packaging 'aar'

    developers {
        developer {
            name 'Maciej Górski'
            id 'mg6maciej'
            email ''
            url ''

    licenses {
        license {
            name 'The Apache Software License, Version 2.0'
            url ''
            distribution 'repo'

    scm {
        url ''
        connection 'scm:git:'
        developerConnection 'scm:git:'


Any suggestions ?


Open the file inside the projects android-maps-utils-master that you may have downloaded from GitHub

You will find


# variables required to allow build.gradle to parse,
# override in ~/.gradle/


inside it, just copy and put it in your projects

modify your file:

#To fix compile error. 

When using gradle, you don't normally copy the project into your own, but instead just add dependency like this:

dependencies {
    // your other dependencies
    compile 'com.androidmapsextensions:android-maps-extensions:2.1.+';
    compile ''

To see the latest versions of libraries, you may use Gradle, please.

But if you want to use the project directly, you also need to have with variables defined:


I believe This line shows error:

authentication(userName: ossrhUsername, password: ossrhPassword)

Replace it with:

authentication(userName: hasProperty('ossrhUsername')?ossrhUsername:'', password: hasProperty('ossrhPassword')?ossrhPassword:'')

Also, if other suggestions didn't fix the problem, you can try to re-write your lib's build.gradle as usual build.gradle file. More likely its not a good idea, but it worked for me properly:

apply plugin: 'android'

version = "1.0.1"
group = "com.edmodo"

android {

    compileSdkVersion 21
    buildToolsVersion "21.1.2"

    defaultConfig {
        minSdkVersion 7
        targetSdkVersion 21

    sourceSets {
        main {
            manifest.srcFile 'AndroidManifest.xml'
            java.srcDirs = ['src']
            res.srcDirs = ['res']

I encountered the same error

No such property : for class sonatypeUserName : org.gradle.api.publication.maven.internal.ant.DefaultGroovyMavenDeployer

What I did to fix the problem was I just copy pasted 'sonatypeUserName' in the

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