DNAStringSet Error Biostrings in R

I posted this same quandary on Biostars but it seems like traffic is low there so I thought I might pose it here.

I am attempting to import a fasta file of sequences into R using Bioconductor's 'Biostrings' package and the 'DNAStringSet' function but I keep getting the same error:

Error in .Call2("new_XString_from_CHARACTER", classname, x, start(solved_SEW),  : 
key 112 (char 'p') not in lookup table

My fasta file ("FileName.fa") is comprised of various length sequences, in the following format:


I performed 'grep p FileName.fa' in the Unix terminal, but I received no output.

Does anyone have an idea on what is going on?

Thanks in advance.


I figured it out. I used 'readDNAStringSet' instead like so:

FileName <- readDNAStringSet("FileName.fa")

And it worked marvelously.

Hope this helps anyone else with similar issues.

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