style.width is not working for innerWidth

I am trying to insert a div dynamically with it's width equal to the page width using the window.innerWidth property.

It doesn't seem to work and the width is set to '0' automatically.

Thanks in advance.


<body onload="lb()"></body>


function lb()
var h=window.innerHeight

var w=window.innerWidth

                    alert("Width: "+w+"\n"+"Height: "+h);

        var x=document.createElement("div");"heder";;'150px';'#000000';'absolute';'0px';'0px';


Example fiddle :


You fogot to add "px" with width value

should be"px";

instead of;

As @Suman Bogati said you need to add the 'px'. Also your Fiddle was throwing an error executing the lb() function. I tweaked it in this fiddle to work. I just did a simple call to


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