How to do less than or equal in Assembly Language(MIPS)?

I have a C code in front of me that I have to translate into a MIPS assembly language.

I am not looking for a direct answer, but I want someone to correct the way I'm thinking about the problem.

The C code in front of me is:

x = ((++z)<=y);

I have in the given that the x, y, and z are respectively stored in the registers $6, $7, $8

The problem is I can't use an operator to compare directly less than or equal. I am limited to use the following comparing operands: bne, beq, ori, slt.

The way I approached the problem was as such:

      addi   $8,$8,1     #this will increment z by 1 to have ++z
      slt    $1,$8,$7    #compares ++z to y if ++z is < than y, it will store 1 in $1
      beq    $8,$7,Label #compares if $8 = $7, if so the code jumps to Label
Label addi   $t0,$0,1    #if ++z = y, stores 1 in $t0
      ori    $6,$t0,$1   #Or's the t0 and t1 and accordingly stores 0 or 1 in x

Is this the right approach to this problem ?


As pointed out by Michael, you should have the label one line below like this:

         addi   $8,$8,1
         slt    $1,$8,$7
         beq    $8,$7,Label
         addi   $t0,$0,1
Label    ori    $6,$t0,$1

What's interesting is that you use slt but not seq, why not? You probably could do that:

         addi   $8,$8,1
         slt    $1,$8,$7
         seq    $t0,$8,$7
         ori    $6,$t0,$1

And by avoiding a branch, the program can be slightly faster (assuming that case happens many times.)

Now, if I remember correctly, slt and seq will generate either 0 or 255. If you are programming a C/C++ compatible statement, then you need to have 0 or 1 instead. One way is to add a shift, something like this after the ori:

         srl    $6,$6,7

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