"apprequests" dialog reports success, recipients receive nothing

Using the Facebook iOS SDK I can display a dialog with apprequests and send it. Delegate method -dialogDidComplete: gets called, but the recipient(s) receive no notification or request of any kind. If they have the app authorized, Facebook.app (for iOS) will display a number of pending requests next to the app bookmark, but notification jewel doesn't get updated and notification is nowhere to be found and Facebook.app doesn't display any push notifications.

I have followed Facebook's own tutorial for this and even tried with their own sample project Hackbook, but I get the same result every time.

Am I missing something in app settings or is this simply not working as described in the (poor) documentation?

I can see Path app implemented this and it works pretty well on my devices with my accounts so I guess I really did skip something. Adding a bounty in hope of a solution.


Found an explanation that helped me fix this here: http://facebook.stackoverflow.com/a/8211249/184561

When a user clicks on an app request, Facebook takes them to your Facebook canvas page. If you don't have a canvas page, the requests don't show up.

As soon as I added a canvas url (one that didn't even work), the requests started showing up.

,Please make sure you have registered you App as "App On Facbook" within your FB app settings.And your Facebook App needs to have a Canvas URL defined. The URL doesn't even need to be valid, it just needs to be defined in the Settings of the App. I have done things in same way and i am getting the Notification of App request in my Facebook Notifications,I hope you can get The App Request Notification in your Facebook Notification.

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