display an rgb matrix image in python

I have an rgb matrix something like this:


i want to display an image which contains the above matrix.

I used this function to display a gray-scale image:

def displayImage(image):
    im1 = Image.fromarray(displayList)

argument(image)has the matrix

anybody help me how to display the rgb matrix


imshow in the matplotlib library will do the job

what's critical is that your NumPy array has the correct shape:

height x width x 3

(or height x width x 4 for RGBA)

>>> import os
>>> # fetching a random png image from my home directory, which has size 258 x 384
>>> img_file = os.path.expanduser("test-1.png")

>>> from scipy import misc
>>> # read this image in as a NumPy array, using imread from scipy.misc
>>> M = misc.imread(img_file)

>>> M.shape       # imread imports as RGBA, so the last dimension is the alpha channel
    array([258, 384, 4])

>>> # now display the image from the raw NumPy array:
>>> from matplotlib import pyplot as PLT

>>> PLT.imshow(M)
>>> PLT.show()

Matplotlib's built in function imshow will let you do this.

import matplotlib.pyplot as plt
def displayImage(image):

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