Sending MMS messages based on user interaction?

I am trying to build an app that is loosely based on the code given in this link: My question is how can I make it so it sends MMS messages back to the sender instead of SMS? I want to be able to send .gifs and .jpegs from a URL link, but without having to actually go to the link. I'm writing it all in php if that also helps.

I've found a lot of resources about SMS, but the material for MMS seems sparse. Any help is appreciated.


Twilio evangelist here.

I'd start by checking out the Sending Messages docs in our REST API documentation. The new Message endpoint is a single resource in our API lets you send either SMS or MMS without you really having to care which it is. If you have media attached, we will send an MMS, otherwise and SMS.

Specifically, this example shows you using the PHP helper library how to send a Message that includes both a text body and an image.

Hope that helps.

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