JavaScript anonymous functions - how to determine available parameters?

I am using the following code snippet from the documentation of a tool (FullScale Dangle):

$scope.displayCoord = function(type, term) {

This function is called on-click after being routed through the tool's own library. According to the documentation, I have the parameters type, and term available to the function after the onclick.

How can I determine what additional parameters are available?


Use the arguments array-like object. This means you can do arguments.length to see how many there are, and access them as arguments[0] (type), arguments[1] (term), and any others that may be there.

Using the arguments object, something like this should do it:

var f = function (args1, args2) {console.log(arguments);}("foo", "bar", "bing");

["foo", "bar", "bing"]

As mentioned in the other answers, you can use the arguments object. Here's more information available on it's use.

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