Temporarily switch off mixed tabs and spaces check at runtime

Is there a way how to switch off (and on later) this check at runtime?

The motivation is that I need to use third party libraries which do not care about tabs and spaces mixing and thus running my code with -t switch issues warnings.

(I hope that analogous method can be used for the -b switch.)

edit: I forgot to note, that the library already mixes tabs and spaces in one file and that's why I see the warnings.


The limitation is only within a module. It's perfectly OK to mix modules with tab indentation and those with space indentation inside the same project.

I can't think of a situation where you'd ever want to mix tabs and spaces in the same file and therefore wouldn't want to check for it.

I don't know a runtime switch like you describe, but converting a library from mixed to spaces-only isn't hard, if you have a copy you can edit: In the shell:

touch temp.py; for x in $(find /path/to/library/ -name '*.py' -print); do expand -it 4 $x > temp.tmp; cat temp.tmp > $x; done; rm temp.tmp

Replace /path/to/library/ with the path you your library files directory.

Personally, I prefer tabs to spaces, but this will prevent the warnings and shouldn't have many unforeseen consequences. One consequence you should be aware of is that leading tabs in multi-line string literals will also be converted to spaces.

Converting from mixed or spaces to tabs is also possible, like with the unexpand program. However, conversion from spaces/mixed to tabs is much harder and more error prone, since spaces are syntactically ambiguous.

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