How to include a binary file with Android NDK project?

I know its bad practice but whats the best way to include a binary file with Android NDK project? The file should be executable with the system command.

I don't want to copy it manually copy to the device but distribute it within my .apk.


It is enough to rename the executable to "" and put it in libs/armeabi folder under your project root: this file will be extracted by the Package Manager on the device to /data/data/, with executable permissions.

If you use ndk-build to build myexecutable, all ./libs/$(TARGET_ARCH_ABI) directory will be refreshed.

To automate the rename operation, use the following in your

... # whatever you have to define the executable
# immediately after this,
all: .libs/$(TARGET_ARCH_ABI)/

<tab>$(call host-mv, $<, $@)

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