Google API Service Account and nodejs

I want to be able to programmatically update a Youtube playlist using nodejs. In theory, this is possible using the Google API and jsonc.

As I want to do this without user interaction I have been battling with using a Google API Service Account on nodejs server.

Notice there is no API Client Library for Javascript listed on this page.

I then stumbled across this message in the Google documentation for using Service Accounts with Google Drive:

For security reasons service accounts are not supported in client-side Javascript. Service accounts for server-side Javascript is not yet supported.

Is this saying that what I want to achieve is not possible? I cannot use a Service Account on a NodeJS server to make changes to a playlist without user interaction?


Correct. Not yet supported. There have been security problems with service accounts. This may become possible in the future.

Since yet there is no integration via Javascript for security reasons , you maybe want to try implementing this library.

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