Node.js on Heroku with 2 ports

I'm trying to push a node.js app to heroku.

The app has a http server listening on one port (process.env.PORT) but I also want a web socket using another port. Is this possible in heroku? I am using ws.js to do the sockets.

On my local machine I can obviously use 3000 for one port and 8080 for the other, but I can't see how to define a second port that heroku will be happy to let me use.




According to Heroku they don't yet support WebSockets: see this article. According to this SO question you can use (< v0.7) to do realtime stuff, but you can't use WebSockets, it'll fall back to XHR polling.

Heroku now supports websockets, as of 2013. For implementation have a look at the following article:

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