is there an easy way to refresh a region in marionette?

I cannot seem to find a way to refresh a region of the page. I have a drop down select option that has the ability to add a new item to that drop down through a modal dialog. I want to redraw that region of the page that has that select option with the new item in it. I can't seem to find a way to refresh that portion of the page in marionette or backbone. I know I could call


but I assume there is a better way. Thanks!


I would suggest creating a collection to hold your drop-down items, and then use a Marionette.CompositeView to render the drop-down. You can then add items to the collection, and call the CompositeView.render() function.

You can try using show method of the region.

var Layout = Marionette.Layout.extends({ regions: {yourRegion : '#my-region-id'} });
var yourlayout = new Layout

On change of dropdown event, create a new view and render it inside the region with show method.

view = new Marionette.ItemView()

Note: 1 region can render only one "view" at a time.Running show on the region will automatically close the previous view and render new view inside it.

For adding new item, use CollectionView or CompositeView and then add your new add in the collection.

  // Item view
ItemView = Backbone.Marionette.ItemView.extend({
  template: '#itemTemplate',
  // wrap the view with `tr` instead of `div`
  tagName: 'tr'

// Collection view
CollectionView = Backbone.Marionette.CollectionView.extend({
  // Specify the itemView to render each item
  itemView: ItemView,
  // wrap the view with `tbody` instead of `div`
  tagName: 'tbody'

var collection = new Backbone.Collection([{id: 1, name:'Joe'}, {id:2, name:'masan'}]);

var view = new CollectionView({
  collection: collection

When you want to add new item, add it to collection.

collection.add({id:3, name: 'kumar'});

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