Adding css class to field on validation error in django

I am using Django's modelform and its really good. How can I highlight the actual text box (e.g. border:red ) if there is a validation error associated with it. Basically what i want is to add a class (error) if there is a validation error to a field.


What about defining error_css_class?

class MyForm(ModelForm):
    error_css_class = 'error'

Expanding upon errx's answer.

Add the CSS

.error input, .error select {
    border: 2px red solid;

to specifically highlight the field

Try this?

self.fields['field_you_want_to_add_error'].widget.attrs['class'] = "error"

To answer the original question.

You can add the desired class to the field in the view to where you are submitting your form and doing your form.is_valid() check. Not the prettiest but it will work.

def submit_form(request):
    if request.method = 'POST':
        if. form.is_valid():
            # Do something with clean form data
            # Append css class to every field that contains errors.
            for field in form.errors:
                form[field].field.widget.attrs['class'] += ' my-css-class'
    return render(request, submit_form.html, {
        'form': form

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