Moving key/value pair from one Hash to another

I am a newbie programmer using Ruby, and this is my first question on Stack Overflow so please bear with me. Let's say I have two Hashes:

hash_one = { :key1 => :value1, :key2 => :value2, :key3 => :value3 } 
hash_two = { :key4 => :value4, :key5 => :value5, :key6 => :value6 }

What would be the easiest way to move a key/value pair from hash_one (e.g. :key1 => :value1) into hash_two?


hash_two[:key1] = hash_one.delete(:key1)

delete removes key1 from hash_one and returns the value of key1. That value is taken as the parameter to set this key in hash_two.

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