Linker is unable to open COMCTRLS.OBJ

I'm just trying to rebuild my C++ Builder project from RAD Studio XE to XE5. As this is a rather big project I'm already struggling since a week (updating / modifying several Delphi components etc.) to do so.

What I finally could not fix is the linker error telling me COMCTRLS.OBJ can't be opened. As I have seen the recommendation to make a new project file instead of upgrading in an answer to a similar question I did so (this costed me another half day), but nothing has been changed.

Any idea how to solve this issue?


Problem solved - please see at

Make sure you don't have any old .obj/.dcu/.lib files being carried over from an earlier XE compilation to your XE5 environment. Double-check your Project and IDE search paths to make sure old XE paths are not being referenced by XE5.

I definitely had an old LIB file from a Delphi package created by XE which was referenced by accident instead of the new LIB already created by XE5 although I've installed XE5 on a completely different PC where no Embarcadero was on before (working with two versions on the same PC is more or less completely impossible - you always will have conflicts).

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