Can color cycling be achieved in GDI+?

Is "color cycling" possible in GDI+ with WinForms? I'd like the modify one or more colors in the palette of an on screen surface so that whenever the surface is repainted, GDI+ will use the modified colors.

Rather than perform the transformation manually pixel-by-pixel, I hope to use GDI+'s capability to render surfaces using indexed colors. (8bpp indexed color?)

Is there a (fast) way to do this?

NOTE: I don't want to modify the colors globally throughout the application UI. Rather, I only need to cycle colors on one particular control surface.


AFAIK, this is tied to 8bpp video mode (256 simultaneous colors from a palette of several million). Since almost nobody runs in that mode these days, you wouldn't be able to do hardware palette-based color cycling.

Depending upon what you're trying to do, there may be simple way to achieve this. Can you provide more detail?

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