This IP, site or mobile application is not authorized to use this API key with IP authorized

I'm using the Google Places API which requires that you give a list of IPs which are allowed to use the service. The API works great on my local machine but it give a

This IP, site or mobile application is not authorized to use this API key

when I use it from my production server. I've added the required IPs. Any other ideas what might be the issue or how to debug it?


I had the same issue and I found this.

On the url, it requires the server key in the end and not the api key for the app.

So Basically, you just add the server key in the end of the URL like this:,yourlongitude&radius=5000&sensor=true&key=SERVERKEY

Now, to obtain the server key, just follow these steps:

1) Go to Developer Console

2) In the Credentials, under Public API Access , Create New key

3) Select the server key from the option.

4) Enter your IP Address on the field and if you have more ip addresses, you can just add on every single line.NOTE: Enter the IP Address only when you want to use it for your testing purpose. Else leave the IP Address section blank.

5) Once you are done, click create and your new Server Key will be generated and you can then add that server key to your URL.

Last thing is that, instead of putting the sensor=true in the middle of the URL, you can add it in the end like this:,yourlongitude&radius=5000&key=SERVERKEY&sensor=true

This will definitely solve the issue and just remember to use the server key for places api.

Hope this answer will help you and other viewers. Good Luck .. :)

You need to enable the following places api

  • Google Places API Web Service

As you are making a http request.

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