Get exact geo coordinates along an entire route, Google Maps or OpenStreetMap

Suppose I have a route defined from one town to another. From the Google Maps API I can recover a route between the two. However, the route returned from Google is a driving route that includes geo-coordinates only at places where there is another step in a leg (for example, where I have to turn from one highway to another).

What I need is geo-locations (lat/long) along the entire route, at specific intervals (for example, every 1/4 mile or 100m).

Is there a way to accomplish this via the Google Maps API / web services?

Or would the OpenStreetMap database be the way to do it?

Kind regards, Madeleine.


OSRM gives you routes with road geometries as they are in the OpenStreetMap database. For example, you can get the route as GPX (and post-process this file if you want). This would look like the following:


Read more: OSRM API docs.

Since the accepted answer is outdated and does not work anymore, here is how all nodes along a road can be queried using the route service from Project OSRM.

Given an arbitrary number of lon,lat pairs. For Instance the following three (in Berlin):

  • 13.388860,52.517037
  • 13.397634,52.529407
  • 13.428555,52.523219

The route-service calculates the fastest route between these points and its possible to return all nodes along the road using the following query:,52.517037;13.397634,52.529407;13.428555,52.523219?alternatives=false&annotations=nodes

This returns a json response containing node IDs of all the nodes along the route. The result should look something like this:

  "routes": [
      "legs": [
          "annotation": {
            "nodes": [

To receive the lat,lon coordinates of the nodes OverpassAPI can be used.


Here is a sample request using overpass-turbo:

It's simply google.maps.DirectionsService().route() method. You need to pass the service request and then a callback which executes upon completion of the service request.

Adding to the Marlio's answer.

You can use Google Maps Directions API itself. For a given origin and destination, in the JSON output, look for following:

"polyline" : {
  "points" : ""

You can use a decoder to get the coordinates from the polyline.: Or. you can use the googleway package in R to decode the same.

I am not sure how to set the resolution to your desired level though.But the resolution in the API output is really good.

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