Capture first 8 characters Perl

How could I take 8 characters of a string, for example:

If I has like this:

my $word ="take first 8 characters";

How could I print this: take fir?


Use substr.

print substr($word, 0, 8);

Use the built in substr function. substr($string, $start, $length)

From perlfaq4: How can I access or change N characters of a string?:

You can access the first characters of a string with substr(). To get the first character, for example, start at position 0 and grab the string of length 1.

my $string = "Just another Perl Hacker";
my $first_char = substr( $string, 0, 1 ); # 'J'

(See the rest of the article for guidance on changing part of a string.)

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