QByteArray to integer

As you may have figured out from the title, I'm having problems converting a QByteArray to an integer.

 QByteArray buffer = server->read(8192);
 QByteArray q_size = buffer.mid(0, 2);
 int size = q_size.toInt();

However, size is 0. The buffer doesn't receive any ASCII character and I believe the toInt() function won't work if it's not an ASCII character. The int size should be 37 (0x25), but - as I have said - it's 0.

The q_size is 0x2500 (or the other endianness order - 0x0025).

What's the problem here ? I'm pretty sure q_size holds the data I need.


I haven't tried this myself to see if it works but it looks from the Qt docs like you want a QDataStream. This supports extracting all the basic C++ types and can be created wth a QByteArray as input.

Something like this should work, using a data stream to read from the buffer:

QDataStream ds(buffer);
short size; // Since the size you're trying to read appears to be 2 bytes
ds >> size;

// You can continue reading more data from the stream here

The toInt method parses a int if the QByteArray contains a string with digits. You want to interpret the raw bits as an integer. I don't think there is a method for that in QByteArray, so you'll have to construct the value yourself from the single bytes. Probably something like this will work:

int size = (static_cast<unsigned int>(q_size[0]) & 0xFF) << 8
         + (static_cast<unsigned int>(q_size[1]) & 0xFF);

(Or the other way around, depending on Endianness)

bool ok;
q_size.toHex().toInt(&ok, 16);

works for me

I had great problems in converting serial data (QByteArray) to integer which was meant to be used as the value for a Progress Bar, but solved it in a very simple way:

QByteArray data = serial->readall();
QString data2 = tr(data); //converted the byte array to a string
ui->QProgressBar->setValue(data2.toUInt()); //converted the string to an unmarked integer..

This works for me:

QByteArray array2;
        array2[0] = data[1];
        array2[1] = data[2];
        array2[2] = data[3];
        array2[3] = data[4];

        memcpy(&blockSize, array2, sizeof(int));

data is a qbytearray, from index = 1 to 4 are array integer.

Create a QDataStream that operates on your QByteArray. Documentation is here

Try toInt(bool *ok = Q_NULLPTR, int base = 10) const method of QByteArray Class.

QByteArray Documentatio: http://doc.qt.io/qt-5/QByteArray.html

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