Delaying a Jquery function until Ajax is completely loaded

I am using a plugin that uses jquery to pull an rss feed, and displays it after the content loads. I wanted to use jScrollPane so I can have custom scrollbars.

WithjScrollPane, it loads the scrollbars on pageload, but because the rssreader loads content with ajax, the scrollbars aren't applied (it takes 4 seconds to load the rss content, and by that time, the scrollbars have already tried loading. Because no content was there, they dont appear). I need to use jquery to tell jscrollpane not to load the scrollbars until the rss is fully loaded. You can view the page here.

As you can see in the bottom left, the content is loaded, but doesn't display a scrollbar. I need a simple jquery command that says" do not run the jscrollpane commands until after the rss feed is fully loaded." Any ideas?


You need a callback function on the rss feed plugin and apply the scoll bars plugin in it. If the rss feed plugin does not allow you to specify a callback function, you'll need to edit the code to add one.

if there is not a callback available on the rssfeed plugin you can use setTimeout checking until div newsfeed got some content from rssfeed . Then call jScroll and stop the timer . not an elegant solution but works

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