Vim automatically removes indentation on Python comments


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Setting smartindent on makes Vim behave like you describe for me, whereas with nosmartindent (which is what I tend to use) it behaves like you'd prefer it to.

Update: From the docs on smartindent:

When typing '#' as the first character in a new line, the indent for that line is removed, the '#' is put in the first column. The indent is restored for the next line. If you don't want this, use this mapping: ":inoremap # X^H#", where ^H is entered with CTRL-V CTRL-H. When using the ">>" command, lines starting with '#' are not shifted right.

That seems to be it.

Update: Probably no need to bother with the following... I'll leave it here for the added informational value. ;-)

If setting nosmartindent doesn't help, perhaps you could use the :set command -- with no parameters -- to obtain the list of all settings in effect in your Vim session, then paste it somewhere (on Pastie perhaps). There's a few other options which affect automatic indentation, as far as I remember.

While MichaƂ's post explains what smartindent does, you can do a lot better than just turning it off. You could configure it more to your liking, or better yet, let Vim pick better indentation for you. With the following in your vimrc instead of other indent settings:

filetype indent on

Vim will automatically use the proper indent plugin for python. This is way better than just not de-indenting a # line - pretty much everything should be properly indented.

You can try an option only for python files:

autocmd BufRead *.py inoremap # X<c-h>#<space>

For some unkown reason the above behavior was caused when i had cindent on. Turning it off fixed it for me. None of the other fixes above helped.

If you install this script, you will get proper python (pep8) indenting:

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