Delphi - Proper way to page though data

I have a string list (TStrings) that has a couple thousand items in it. I need to process them in groups of 100. I basically want to know what the best way to do the loop is in Delphi. I'm hitting a brick wall when I'm trying to figure it out.


unit Unit2;


  Windows, Messages, SysUtils, Variants, Classes, Graphics, Controls, Forms,
  Dialogs, StdCtrls;

  TForm2 = class(TForm)
    Memo1: TMemo;
    Memo2: TMemo;
    Button1: TButton;
    procedure Button1Click(Sender: TObject);
    { Private declarations }
    { Public declarations }

  Form2: TForm2;


Uses math;
{$R *.dfm}

procedure TForm2.Button1Click(Sender: TObject);
  pages:= ceil(memo1.Lines.Count/100) ;
  memo2.Lines.add('Total Pages: '+inttostr(pages));
  memo2.Lines.add('Total Items: '+inttostr(memo1.Lines.Count));

  // Should just do in batches of 100 VS entire list
  for I := 0 to memo1.lines.Count - 1 do
     if str > '' then
     str:= str+#10+ memo1.Lines.Strings[i]
     str:= memo1.Lines.Strings[i];
  //I need to stop here every 100 items, then process the items.



Example form

object Form2: TForm2
  Left = 0
  Top = 0
  Caption = 'Form2'
  ClientHeight = 245
  ClientWidth = 527
  Color = clBtnFace
  Font.Charset = DEFAULT_CHARSET
  Font.Color = clWindowText
  Font.Height = -11
  Font.Name = 'Tahoma'
  Font.Style = []
  OldCreateOrder = False
  PixelsPerInch = 96
  TextHeight = 13
  object Memo1: TMemo
    Left = 16
    Top = 8
    Width = 209
    Height = 175
    Lines.Strings = (
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    TabOrder = 0
  object Memo2: TMemo
    Left = 240
    Top = 8
    Width = 265
    Height = 129
    Lines.Strings = (
    TabOrder = 1
  object Button1: TButton
    Left = 384
    Top = 184
    Width = 75
    Height = 25
    Caption = 'Button1'
    TabOrder = 2
    OnClick = Button1Click


Use a secondary TStringList:

procedure TForm2.Button1Click(Sender: TObject); 
  items: TStringList;
  pages := ceil(Memo1.Lines.Count/100); 
  Memo2.Lines.add('Total Pages: ' + IntToStr(pages)); 
  Memo2.Lines.add('Total Items: '+ IntToStr(Memo1.Lines.Count)); 

  items := TStringList.Create;
    for I := 0 to Memo1.lines.Count - 1 do 
      if (items.Count mod 100) = 0 then
        // process the current list of items...
    if items.Count > 0 then
      // process the remaining items...

A secondary stringlist is nice... but if performance is an issue at all, just use nested loop

procedure TForm2.Button1Click(Sender: TObject); 
  pages:= ceil(memo1.Lines.Count/100) ; 
  memo2.Lines.add('Total Pages: '+inttostr(pages)); 
  memo2.Lines.add('Total Items: '+inttostr(memo1.Lines.Count)); 

  // Should just do in batches of 100 VS entire list 
  for I := 0 to pages - 1 do 
     For J := I * 100 to Min(I*100 + 99,memo1.lines.Count) do
       if str > '' then 
         str:= str+#10+ memo1.Lines.Strings[J] 
         str:= memo1.Lines.Strings[J]; 
     //Process Here
  //I need to stop here every 100 items, then process the items. 


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