Problem with IE and setInterval() not refreshing/updating

I'm using JavaScript/Jquery to make a page auto-update with a value from a database, although it doesn't seem to update in Internet Explorer. It works fine in FireFox & Chrome. Can anyone explain what's wrong? It looks like IE is just displaying a cached version of the page. How can I prevent this happening? Thanks.

function updateComm() {  
 var url="commandSys.php";  

setInterval("updateComm()", 1000);


Try disabling the cache with ajaxSetup

$.ajaxSetup ({
    // Disable caching of AJAX responses */
    cache: false

function updateComm() {  
 var url="commandSys.php";  

setInterval(updateComm, 1000);

Alternatively, you can manually just append a +new Date to url so it appends a query string to prevent caching.

Alternatively, disable caching on the server-side.

Your php page is cached. Has nothing to do with the interval. Set the right caching headers on the page.

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