What is the maximum length of a facebook name?

What is the maximum length of a facebook name, the one you get in the parameter "name" from the graph API.


Maximum length of a Facebook username is currently 50 characters.

While trying to create a "really long name" as @BK suggested, the Facebook user account view complains with anything of 51 characters or greater:

I'm pretty sure that its not documented anywhere, but my guess would be 50 as the longest one I've seen after looking over several hundred thousand users is 49.

Ron Bowes posted a torrent with over 100 million Facebook user names. You could pull that down and query it if you really wanted to know. Or try creating a Facebook account with a really long name.

I recently encountered a unicode name (first & last name combined) that exceeded 255 bytes, unfortunately I don't recall how many characters specifically, but it broke our varchar(255) database field.

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