facebook graph API endpoint for getting "likes, shares, comments" for post(s)

Facebook is planning to drop support for FQL after V2.0 https://developers.facebook.com/docs/apps/changelog/#v2_0_fql

The below task could be done easily with FQL

SELECT like_info.like_count, comment_info.comment_count, share_count 
FROM stream 
WHERE post_id = "POST_ID_HERE"

I am unable to find a replacement to the above method in graph api. I know we can get likes and comments count like

POST_ID/likes?summary=true AND 

but I am unable to find a similar endpoint for shares.

NOTE: I am not looking for solutions that take URL input and query graph api for that URL shares, rather I am looking at finding solution to get shares count by POST_ID


I have looked at.

  1. Facebook API: best way to get like, share, comment count for a page/group post?
  2. How to get Likes Count when searching Facebook Graph API with search=xxx
  3. Facebook post comment count from Graph API
  4. http://www.quora.com/Facebook-Graph-API/Facebook-Graph-API-How-to-get-the-number-of-likes-on-a-status

The result should be something like this:

  "data": [{
      "like_info": {
      "like_count": 3506
      "comment_info": {
      "comment_count": 263
      "share_count": 278

Any help would be highly appreciated.


UPDATE: It was an access token issue as the token I was using did not have "read_stream" permission.


The field shares does not need the .summary(true) at the end. It will bring always the total. But the likes and comments does need .summary(true)



Improved version works with Graph Api v2.11 (add limit(0) to removes lists of likes and comments and get only summary data):


This will bring the total count of shares, comments and likes.

You may have a access_token with an read_stream permission to get the shares count.

Get likes, comments and shares and all 3 combined.

Check my ans : https://stackoverflow.com/a/36997725/2439715

Improved version ( add limit(0) to removes list of likes and get only summary ):


Get comments, shares, and likes count from post:


I've included limit(0) to prevent the API from spitting out the actual comments and likes. I believe the default limit is 25.

Please note you can also add these fields to /feed to get this data for all the posts on the page.


Final note: If shares data is missing on the return, it is because the post has no shares. Instead of returning "shares": {"count": 0}, the shares section will be removed entirely.

"https://graph.facebook.com/v2.2/PAGEid_POSTid/? fields=shares&access_token=YOUR_ACCESS_TOKEN";

I am using above mentioned endpoint.

Replace $pageID and $videoID (post id) with your variables.

"https://graph.facebook.com/v2.2/" . $pageID."_".$video->id . "/?fields=shares&access_token=YOUR_ACCESS_TOKEN";

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