Remove a trailing slash from a string(changed from url type) in JAVA

I want to remove the trailing slash from a string in Java.

I want to check if the string ends with a url, and if it does, i want to remove it.

Here is what I have:

String s = "";

s= s.replaceAll("/","");

and this:

String s = "";
length  =  s.length();
Char buff = s.charAt((length);
if(buff == '/')
{"ends with trailing slash");
/*how to remove?*/
else"Doesnt end with trailing slash");

But neither work.


There are two options: using pattern matching (slightly slower):

s = s.replaceAll("/$", "");


s = s.replaceAll("/\\z", "");

And using an if statement (slightly faster):

if (s.endsWith("/")) {
    s = s.substring(0, s.length() - 1);

or (a bit ugly):

s = s.substring(0, s.length() - (s.endsWith("/") ? 1 : 0));

Please note you need to use s = s..., because Strings are immutable.

This should work better:

url.replaceFirst("/*$", "")

simple method in java

String removeLastSlash(String url) {
    if(url.endsWith("/")) {
        return url.substring(0, url.lastIndexOf("/"));
    } else {
        return url;

url.replaceAll("/$", "") the $ matches the end of a string so it replaces the trailing slash if it exists.

As its name indicates, the replaceAll method replaces all the occurrences of the searched string with the replacement string. This is obviously not what you want. You could have found it yourself by reading the javadoc.

The second one is closer from the truth. By reading the javadoc of the String class, you'll find a useful method called substring, which extracts a substring from a string, given two indices.

If you are a user of Apache Commons Lang you can take profit of the chomp method located in StringUtils

String s = "";


a more compact way:

String pathExample = "/test/dir1/dir2/";

String trimmedSlash = pathExample.replaceAll("^/|/$","");

regexp ^/ replaces the first, /$ replaces the last

   if (null != str && str.length > 0 )
        int endIndex = str.lastIndexOf("/");
        if (endIndex != -1)  
            String newstr = str.subString(0, endIndex); // not forgot to put check if(endIndex != -1)

Easiest way ...

String yourRequiredString = myString.subString(0,myString.lastIndexOf("/"));

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