Get ID of front page Wordpress

In the Wordpress admin settings>reading you can configure the 'frontpage displays as' as being a static page for the front page. Now I would like to retrieve the ID of the selected static page which is set to display as front page. I've tried Googling but to not much avail, thus I was wondering if there is a native function to retrieve this ID. (I don't feel like programming a workaround if there is a native direct function for this).


The ID of the page used as static page is stored in the wp_options WP table, as option_name=page_on_front and option_value=ID of the page. So if you want to retrieve this value, just use get_option('page_on_front').

Here is an idea:

Get the page by Title first

$Page = get_page_by_title( 'test' );

Then, get the ID like this

echo $Page->ID . "<br /><br />";

The easiest way to see the page_id of the static page is to change the static page to another page and then go to Pages and click on the old page. The page_id is displayed in the Permalink above the edit area. After you see the page_id you can change the static page to the old one. The Permalink for the static page does not show the page_id but for all other pages it does.

I was looking for the solution where you select a page as placeholder for the blog archive.

You can do the same, but then query for 'page_for_posts' instead of 'page_on_front'. So:

$pageID = get_option('page_for_posts'); 

does the trick for that situation.

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