Problem in calling function parameter as generics dictionary from C# to

I have a function written in C# which has one parameter type as Dictionary<string , string>. When i try to call this function in VB.Net it doesn't show the type as Dictionary<string , string> it shows as string. Below is my function

public bool RegisterCustomerAttribute(int CustomerId
                                          , Dictionary<string , string> dictAttribute)

            List<string> keys = new List<string>(dictAttribute.Keys);

            foreach (string key in keys)
                CustomerAttribute custattr = new CustomerAttribute();

                custattr.Customer.CustomerID = CustomerId;
                custattr.Key = key;
                custattr.Value = dictAttribute[key];



            return true;
        catch (Exception ex)
            string strMsg = ex.Message;
            return false;

alt text


At first I thought there might be an overload that only takes a key and value, but you'd see an option for that at least in the intellisense. So instead, I bet it's looking at old or out of date code — you need to reload the reference to your c# project from your VB project in visual studio.

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