is there a way to pass arguments to google map's get directions functionality?

Is there a way to use's get direction's functionality so that I can pass in the arguments for the directions from the url?


You can use the following url parameters.

saddr for start address

daddr for destination address

The url would be

The values you pass in can be pretty much whatever you can type into the web app, ie names of places/lat longs/etc. Also, make sure you use a + character for spaces.

Here are some standard HTML links for different Google Maps functions. With the new syntax, you can have a link to multiple destination directions (however, it is not possible with query parameters)- see the last example below. I keep an updated post here.

//Spaces can be changed to "+" or encoded as "%20".

//Linking to a location (No directions)

//No starting point (User input required to generate directions).

//With a set location as starting point (Automatically generates directions with no user input required).

//With "My Location" as starting point (Automatically generates directions with no user input required).

//Current Location to Latitude and Longitude,-76.12345

//Query search of a Latitude and Longitude
//Also shows setting a default zoom level,-76.12345&q=food&z=14

//String search as destination

//Multiple destination directions (using new syntax). Check my linked post above for the most up-to-date versions.

Sure can.

Directions from ATL to LAX:


Atlanta to LaGuardia to LA to Andrau Airpark...

As long as you have one saddr and one daddr, tt seems you can +to: for additional points before or after daddr. In other words, these two are equivalent: and

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