SkillSoft Web Service Issues

Using Visual Studio 2005 and C# .NET I was attempting to call methods from the SkillSoft API through their web service and have been running into issues when creating the instance. I started by adding the web service reference to the project (Add Web Reference) and that works fine. Where I get tripped up is in the main .cs where I wish to call the methods I create an instance with the line of code:

SkillSoftWebService.OlsaService service = new SkillSoftWebService.OlsaService();

When I build and run this I get a CS0029 error: InvalidOperationException and it mentioned implicitly converting the queryInclude type to the queryExclude type. I know this question is specific to only those using Skillsoft but I was wondering if anyone had found a work around to this?

Thank you!


As I stated in my last comment, it was actually an issue with the Web Service provided methods so I was able to work around this generic exception by just removing the offending method (since I didn't need it).

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