How to stop insertion of Duplicate documents in a mongodb collection

Let us have a MongoDB collection which has three docs..


 { _id:'...', user: 'A', title: 'Physics',   Bank: 'Bank_A' }
 { _id:'...', user: 'A', title: 'Chemistry', Bank: 'Bank_B' }
 { _id:'...', user: 'B', title: 'Chemistry', Bank: 'Bank_A' }

We have a doc,

 doc = { user: 'B', title: 'Chemistry', Bank:'Bank_A' }

If we use


here, this duplicate doc will get inserted in database.

 { _id:'...', user: 'A', title: 'Physics',   Bank: 'Bank_A' }
 { _id:'...', user: 'A', title: 'Chemistry', Bank: 'Bank_B' }
 { _id:'...', user: 'B', title: 'Chemistry', Bank: 'Bank_A' }
 { _id:'...', user: 'B', title: 'Chemistry', Bank: 'Bank_A' }

How this duplicate can be stopped. On which field should indexing be done or any other approach?


Don't use insert.

Use update with upsert=true. Update will look for the document that matches your query, then it will modify the fields you want and then, you can tell it upsert:True if you want to insert if no document matches your query.

    upsert: <boolean>,
     multi: <boolean>,
    writeConcern: <document>

So, for your example, you could use something like this:

db.collection.update(doc, doc, {upsert:true})

You should use a compound index on the set of fields that uniquely identify a document within your MongoDB collection. For example, if you decide that the combination of user, title and Bank are your unique key you would issue the following command:

db.collection.createIndex( { user: 1, title: 1, Bank: 1 }, {unique:true} )

Please note that this should be done after you have removed previously stored duplicates.

It has been updated from the above answers.

please use db.collection.updateOne() instead of db.collection.update(). and also db.collection.createIndexes() instead of db.collection.ensureIndex()

Update: the methods update() and ensureIndex() has been deprecated from mongodb 2.*, you can see more details in mongo and the path is ./mongodb/lib/collection.js. For update(), the recommend methods are updateOne, updateMany, or bulkWrite. For ensureIndex(), the recommend method is createIndexes.

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