How do I get a Google Places API key for my Android App

I've spent the last 48 hours pulling my hair out trying to find the answer to this question. The person who asked this question: how can I make API KEY for Google Places api? Is experiencing the same issue I am having, but never got an answer.

Basically, I need help getting a Google PLACES api key. I already have a maps api key which works fine, but I cannot get a places API key. I have followed every single tutorial I could find including (To name a couple: ( , ( , ( But absolutely nothing has worked.

I added some screenshots below here to illustrate the problem:





Everyone I ask keeps telling me that it is just located somewhere on the website, but 2 solid days of looking has gotten me nowhere. Can someone please help me to find the EXACT location to obtain a places api? (Again, NOT a maps api, I already have that and am getting only REQUEST_DENIED errors due to my lack of a secondary key.

Thanks in advance all



Please Follow below steps

Visit the Google APIs Console at and log in with your Google account.

A default project called API Project is created for you when you first log in to the APIs Console. You can use the project, or create a new one by clicking the API Project button at the top of the window and selecting Create. Maps API for Business customers must use the API project created for them as part of their Places for Business purchase.

Click the Services link in the left-hand navigation panel.

Click the status switch (the on/off button) next to the Places API entry. The switch slides to ON.

Click API Access in the left-hand navigation panel.

Click Create new Server key. Enter one or more server IP addresses if you wish to restrict the servers that can send API requests.

Click Create. Your API key appears under the heading Key for server apps (with IP locking).

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