Build Qt Project in Debug Mode from Command line (aka bash script) in Linux

I already have a project with a .pro file that can be built in debug and release mode. So my question is what is the options on the commandline that I have to specify if I want to build my binaries with debug information. Here is an example building in release using a bash script:

echo `date`: "Running \`qmake\` on Skia";
buildstatus $? "Running \`qmake\` on Skia";
echo `date`: "Running \`make\` on Skia";
buildstatus $? "Running \`make\` on Skia Please see ${SKIA_LOG}";

What do I need to add to get it now to also build in debug mode?


The option you need is "CONFIG+=debug". See General Configuration in qmake Manual.

qmake CONFIG+=debug ${qmake_options}
make ${make_options}

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