How to clear all the markers in v2 google map?

I need to clear all markers in v2 google map. And again need to add some markers. If anybody knows the answer kindly share your thoughts.


You can either use googleMap.clear(), or you can store your Markers in a collection of some kind and remove them in a loop:

private ArrayList<Marker> mMarkers;
private void removeMarkers() {
    for (Marker marker: mMarkers) {

ex - if you want to refresh and load new marker point in the map for a button click(in this ex i get button click),

    switch ( view.getId() ) {

    //clear googlemap
    //call to generate new marker

//to add new marker
public void getMarker ( String lat,String lang ) {

LatLng latLang = new LatLng( lat, lang);
//call to your googlemap implementation method
Marker marker = googleMap.addMarker(new MarkerOptions().position(latLang))


Use Google Map object and call clear to clear the markers.


Check the docs

public final void clear ()

Removes all markers, polylines, polygons, overlays, etc from the map.

just create a method as clearOverlays()

and inside the method

public void clearOverlays(){
            Log.d("Maps::","mMap is null");

where mMap is

public static GoogleMap mMap;

That mMap will initialize automatically inside the public void onMapReady(GoogleMap googleMap) method .

There put mMap = googleMap;

Now use the clearOverlays() method wherever you want.

I think this would be helpful for you. Take all the markers in a List and refresh the map view whenever you need to replace markers by clearing the object of Google Map and List variable.

you can use clear() in java and kotlin





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